These are only a few examples of what’s available. I’ll be changing them regularly, so it’ll be seasonal and markymarket can offer you the best food at the best price.

If there’s anything else you want, just give me a call on 07939 526 202.

I’m your man at the market

I’m there at four in the morning, standing next to the suppliers for some of the best restaurants in town and, like them, I know what’s good.

Whether it’s Smithfield or Billingsgate, the quality I can find for you is much more important than the fantastic price and, if you’re in London, I’ll get you your order within hours, market-fresh and chilled.

Give me a call, or email me, and I’ll fight my way through the wholesalers to get you the best fresh meat & fish first thing Wednesday and Friday morning, all ready to go into your fridge or frying pan.

07939 526 202


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Smithfield prices


whole 500g sea bass

haddock fillets


sashimi tuna

side of salmon

smoked salmon

£6.50 per kg

£5.00 each

£16.00 per kg

£17.00 per kg

£15.00 per kg

£22.00 per kg

£18.50 per kg

Billingsgate prices



live crabs (1kg)

white crab meat

king prawns

scallops in shells

razor clams

various - £1 each

£15.00 each

£17.00 per 250g

£16.00 per kg

£3.50 each

£16.00 per kg (approx. 1kg bundle)

T-bone steak

fillet steak

ribeye steak

Gressingham duck

pig cheeks

pork belly

corn fed chicken

leg of lamb

shoulder of lamb

£25.00 per kg

£40.00 per kg

£30.00 per kg

£8.00 per kg

£9.50 per kg

£8.00 per kg

£6.00 each

£11.00 per kg

£10.00 per kg